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Classic massage

Classic massage returns the forces, invigorating, reduces the dimensions of the body and helps maintain a nice figure, improves skin functions, animating the sweat and sebaceous glands. Massage removes the head and back pain, improves the overall condition of the body after heavy loads.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage for those who are looking for a special peace and rest. This massage is achieved profound peace, rest, relaxation and getting stronger all the body, reduces stress, tension, improves mood and working capacity, reduces headaches and muscle pain, improves hand and feet šąlančių blood flow.

Honey massage

Honey massage is a reflex strain. The combination of honey and massage helps maintain good form during stress and overload, as clean and energy fields. Deep masseur movements honey and toughness improves blood circulation, improving the tissue and internal organs of the oxygen supply and the necessary materials. Honey perfectly absorbs toxins and slags, speeds up their removal from the body.

Honey massage

Anti cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage – designed for skin and body care, treating cellulite and modeling body shape, skin tone and helps to maintain optimum firmness and tone. The use of anti-cellulite massage set of measures can successfully fight even with a chronic cellulite. Massage is performed using deep massage movements that help break down fatty deposits, restores skin elasticity and firmness, tone muscles.


Liposažas world very popular slimming massage – not only improves metabolism, removes lymph and water accumulations, swelling, toxins, but also tones the muscles, tightens flabby body skin, reduces cellulite. Lipomasažas made two separate areas of the body: the lower part of the body (legs, buttocks, hips and abdomen), the upper part of the body (arms, chest, back).


Toning Ayurvedic massage “Narayana”

Massage of whole body muscles, with emphasis on the shoulders of the arc, resulting in faster recovery from strenuous exercise. Massage relaxes the accumulated emotional stress, eliminates tension, calms the mind, helps to experience the joy of consciousness clarity, promotes a desire to work and create. Thanks to him happiness and a feeling of lightness long to penetrate the body and soul.
Massage health effects: Falling back pain, lubricated joints, strengthens the tendons and ligaments; Increased muscle tone.

Refleksoterapinis foot massage

Reflection (Spot) foot massage – is very effective, versatile and completely harmless diagnostic and treatment system operating in the most active areas of the feet and score points.
Foot massage – it’s short and effective means to relax, to rest tired feet.
Massage health effects: relax tired feet, improves blood and lymph circulation, reduce swelling, pain and enhances joint mobility in the limbs, helps to reduce stress.

Spinal massage

Classic – segmental spinal massage

Massage relaxes tense back and shoulder muscles, reduces pain, helps to calm down, forget about everyday worries.
Massage health effects: improves blood circulation and metabolism, reduces pain and muscle tension, soothes and restores strength.

The shoulder arc massage

The massage technique used in classical massage, spinal stimulation of biologically active points. The massage gently massaged the neck, head rotators, shoulder and shoulder joints and muscles of the upper arms.
Impact and results:

  • decreases or disappears completely in the neck, shoulders, headaches
  • reduces muscle tension accumulated
  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • and disappear fatigue
  • soothes, relaxes from the stress and tension
  • improves efficiency embodied energy and strength.

Contouring massage the face and neck

Face shape JANČIO massage advantages:

  • the opportunity to completely reshape the face and block face age changes
  • facial and neck muscle tone improvement, “sprain”
  • rejuvenation, slowing the aging process
  • early wrinkle formation prevention
  • wrinkle “comparison” – face oval correction and consolidation, elimination of double dewlap, the outer skin condition and complexion improvement.