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Botulism toxin injections with Vistabel product

Atnaujinta: 2017 June 29, 12:22

Botulism toxin injections, more popularly known as “botox”, is an invasive procedure that allows significantly mitigate or eliminate facial wrinkles.

Botulism toxin blocks nerve impulses to muscles of facial expression. Independently of nerve impulse, muscle shrink. In this way, botulism toxin temporarily relaxes the facial muscles, cushioning or abolishing any wrinkles. It is necessary to mention the indirect therapeutic botulinum toxin injections effect on the skin. Along with the muscles relax and the skin. Improves the blood circulation, metabolism. Skaistėja skin appears healthier, rested.

This procedure is designed for both men and women at the age of 25 years.

Botulism toxin preparations injections are carried out:

forehead facial wrinkles;
small raukšlytėms “goose legs” at eye sidelong;
raukšlytėms on the nose;
raukšlytėms around the lips;
increased sweating (palms, armpits, soles).
Botulism toxin need to start letting some facial wrinkles is not deep. Then after the procedure and wrinkles disappear nebegilėja. If the expression lines – deep, botulism toxin alone may not be enough. The doctor dermatologist deep wrinkles adjust facial fillers.

The course of treatment: 1 treatment. After 6-12 months. it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Results: mimic muscles relax, the skin problematic areas tend to even out. Generally, the effect begins to appear 2-7 day. The effect lasts 4-8 months.

It is important to know:

After the botulism toxin injections can not sleep 6 pm., It must be to be in a vertical position;
click and delete the injection site;
The first days after the injections not exercise, abstain from alcohol;
a week is not recommended to go to the bathhouse, nepersikaitinti hot bath, sunbathing in the solarium or sun;
Do not use aminoglycosides, tranquilizers two weeks after the procedure (these products can reduce the botulism toxin operation);
procedures can be performed only in medical institutions, they may be carried out by doctors who have training and experience certificates. Procedures for quality and success is determined by good medical knowledge about facial muscle formation, appropriate injection site and dose selection;
botulism toxin injections, combined with mesotherapy, Biorevitalisation peeling is a great alternative to plastic surgery.
In what cases of botulism toxin injections are not recommended?

pregnant women;
in lactation,
in the event of the same area of ​​inflammatory and infectious processes
in patients with hemophilia,
in muscle innervation disorders (gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, etc.).,
if you are hypersensitive to the product components.