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Stop smoking with laser assistance

Atnaujinta: 2018 January 3, 09:41

Stop smoking laser

smoking cessation acute withdrawal symptoms and uncontrollable need to smoke often leads to failure. Nervousness, irritability, depressed mood during the first days of quitting is often very strong. Auricular laser treatment will help you to avoid this kind of side effects.

addiction to nicotine laser treatment Advantages:

  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms to a minimum.
  • Helps to stop smoking without much effort.
  • Eliminates the need to smoke the first few days.
  • Accelerates the detoxification process.
  • Reduces emotional stress, irritability, acts relaxing.
  • Laser treatment has no side effects, is completely painless and non-invasive.
  • Before the procedure provided addiction specialist advice.
  • Treatment efficiency ranges from 70-80 percent.
  • approved treatment effectiveness research and is 10 times more effective than all other smoking cessation techniques.
  • Suitable for all types of smokers.

How to
Laser treatment works?

Nicotine is a substance that alters the human being – improves mood, reduces stress, accelerates thinking, attention, concentration, better focus, alertness and appears others. These changes occur because nicotine leads to some chemical release in the brain. Regularly smoking body gets used to the constant dose of nicotine, and most stops producing certain substances. As a result, smokers accustomed abrupt nicotine cessation causes acute withdrawal symptoms – nervousness, irritability, depressed mood, inability to concentrate and so on.

Laser treatment effectively restores the biochemical balance of the brain, and enhances the body’s self-regulatory processes. Laser exposed to biologically active points in the ears leads to the release of certain substances, the result is blocked or significantly reduces the need for nicotine.

The procedure is extremely effective with more severe nicotine dependence. Usually enough for one procedure in order to successfully get rid of the smoking habit in heavier cases requires repetition.

Overweight occurrence of years to reduce smoking, weight control, we recommend additional therapy. Both procedures can be carried out during the same session.

The procedure is performed by addiction therapist Neringa Bagdonaitė .

The reasons for why you should give up smoking:

  • Improve the quality of life.
  • You will feel the true taste and smell.
  • get rid of bad breath.
  • You’ll be physically active.
  • Less often feel fatigue.
  • Improved mood and capacity for work.
  • The Near and you most proud of yourself.
  • Show better example for their children.
  • You will save money.
  • The Decline of ambient air pollution.

The Facts:

  • Tobacco, in the form of cigarettes is one of the most addictive drug-development.
  • Nicotine is one of the strongest known stimulant narcotic substances.
  • Smoking is one of the most effective ways of drug use.
  • smoking, narcotic effect in the brain, rather than arising from intravenous drug use or other ways.


Algimantas 58m. “Rukia 40 years of his life, after 2-3pak. everyday. I have tried everything – patches, gum, paper, even tablets, but nothing helped. In your treatment I looked skeptical, but I realized that was wrong, when the urge to smoke suddenly disappeared. After your treatments I could smoke without effort of will, and it’s incredible. Worth a try, because really works. ”

Diana 42m. “I can not describe how happy that Neberukau. Everything had already tried, but the withdrawal effects are brought back to me the habit. Yet it seemed that not enough will to control smoking was very hard. I thought I was in desperate. Your treatment is tantamount to miracles, the most feared how to overcome morning smoking, but was surprised when, after a visit to you in the morning I was able to calmly enjoy coffee without a cigarette. I am very very grateful to you. ”

Darius 32m. “Rukia 16m. every day after pack, but the long evenings with the company, the second bit. Long been thought to give up, but he still put off quitting the next day. I felt like smoking exhausting my energy, you tried it and I was very pleased. It helps everything, and conversation, and the procedure and advice for the future. Now I feel that control over the situation. ”

Saul 46m. “Previously, all 30 years old, I smoked 2 packs every day. I could not believe that it is possible to quit smoking without too much suffering in the first days. After visiting with you suddenly desire to smoke is gone. To smoke he felt no discomfort. It seemed that it had never smoked. ”

Raimondas 45m. “I did not expect that this method may be less effective, it seemed all too simple. Rukia about 2-3 packets daily. After the procedure, I suddenly realized that I could easily stay smoke. A great help, I recommended to all my friends. ”