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Excess weight adjustment

Atnaujinta: 2017 June 29, 12:20

Usually eating calm down, relax and enjoy the satisfaction. However, when growing accustomed to relax in this way, it soon becomes automatic behavior or otherwise habit. There is no doubt that such a practice leads to the emergence of excess weight. Very often the emergence overweight emotional balance and satisfaction sensations are disturbed. The need for food is increasing, and satisfaction with the current situation is declining. Independent attempts to solve the problem of extreme measures are often only briefly yielding results. Irregular way to lose kilograms last no return. Recent research has confirmed that laser stimulation of certain points in the ears can be changed human eating habits. Laser treatment muffles appetite, eliminate impulsive eating, overeating, makes it easy to control the amount of food you eat and avoid constant need to snack.

How does laser therapy?

During the procedure, a laser excite the points associated with the occurrence of overweight: inhibition of the sensation of hunger and the need to snack.
Stimulation laser speeds up the metabolism and makes the body use food for energy rather than accumulate reserves.
The special points triggers endorphins (happiness hormone) release in the brain. Endorphin rush reduces stress hormone production, and the need to relieve the stress of food or sweets. In addition, the release of endorphins positive effect on mood and improve maximizes energy.
Procedures effect increases the motivation, because it allows to control food intake.
The procedure regulates the body’s biological processes, particularly suitable in hormone-dependent disorders after childbirth, long-term stress and so on.
Laser treatment is only an aid to losing weight. Long-term results requires a bit of discipline, commitment and patience. Laser treatment has no side effects, non-invasive, painless. Rather pleasant and relaxing. The recommended number of sessions 3-5 times. Repeat the procedure as long as possible, until a positive long-term result. Successful results ranging from 80-90 percent.
The treatment method scientifically approved and widely used in Europe and elsewhere in the world.