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Mesotherapy treatments

Atnaujinta: 2018 January 3, 09:34

Mesotherapy treatments

Mesotherapy face

Mesotherapy – a medical treatment technique, which the problem of facial or body skin area (in the deep layers) microinjections administered mixtures of active agents, and therefore stimulates elastin and collagen production the skin is renewed and tighten. It is considered one of the most effective measures to deal with skin problems. The procedure skin aging, shrinking fibroblasts – skin cells that produce collagen and elastin. Changing the elastin and collagen fibers – they thicken and motherboard. Reduces the viscosity of the matrix of the skin, thus reducing skin elasticity – it is flaccid. Similar changes take place in the skin and exposure to harmful external and internal factors – smoking, intense sunlight, contaminated air. Skin elasticity is reduced and the reduction in subcutaneous fat tissue – lost more weight after childbirth or liposuction operation. Mesotherapy “cocktail” of the active substance stimulates fibroblasts, and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, glycosaminoglycans preparations in matrix increases the viscosity, so the skin is renewed, tighten.
Mesotherapy perfectly solves all these problems. It is a painless method of treatment, with special mezoterapinėmis needles – it is carried out quickly and accurately. Preparations injected problematic area, bypassed the digestive tract and systemic blood circulation, so it is not the overall impact of the body, and the result is visible already after the first procedūros.Procedūra can be done in the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and scalp in the area, as well as the body skin problems.
Mesotherapy applies to both treatment as well as prevention of:

  • slows down skin aging;
  • treats and wrinkles;
  • increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • moisturizes the skin and protects from moisture loss;
  • changing color – it purifies, eliminates skin pigmentation, darkening of the eye;
  • regulates sebum balance;
  • reduces double chin;
  • stimulates the skin cells. Mesotherapy designed for all ages for both men and women:
    • older people compare the skin and take years off
    • smokers brightens the skin;
    • from stress or inadequate nutrition revive tired skin;
    • scars (postaknė after injury, etc.);
    • treat hair loss (after stress, after surgery, which began after the birth, due to hormonal changes in both men and women, hair loss židininiam, and androgenetiniam etc.)The number of procedures depends on the skin condition and the person’s age.
      Although already after the first treatment the skin moisturized and improves its tone, it is recommended Total 4-10 procedures. The procedure should be repeated every 7-14 days.Mesotherapy provides a long-lasting effect of 6-12 months., Then it may be enough or supportive treatment course can be repeated. Results: Visibly rejuvenated, radiant, glowing, supple and smooth skin, a raised oval face. In what cases mesotherapy recommended?

      1. pregnant women;
      2. at acute skin diseases, chronic skin disease flare;
      3. at a blood clotting disorder;
      4. with some neurological diseases (eg, epilepsy);
      5. immediately after surgery;
      6. on one of mesotherapy components of intolerance.